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Monday, June 23, 2008

F O R E ! ! !

I knew that would get your attention.
Chris and Egon arrived on Saturday for a short visit and they brought the nice weather with them - Saturday we sat out and christented the new dock and cement deck - the sun was shining and Jacques got fed a lot.
Sunday Chris and I went out in the Kayaks - her first time - it was a beautiful morning for it and the loon stayed out of our way. We then decided to go golfing at the local links - Livingston Creek. Just a small 9 hole course but a nice northern course with lots of bush and rocks and water hazards. Just to let you know Chris just got her clubs this year and has never played before so off we went. We decided to get carts and share the clubs as they didn't bring their own. We hid the beer in our bags.
We had a good time - I shot a 68!!! OK so that was for 9 holes and it took us 3 hours to finish!!
I've decided to blame my trigger finger and tremor on my score and it being my first time out I've got nowhere to go but up. (or down as the case may be in golf) I came in second as we were going for the highest score. I don't think my new golf beads have enough beads on them - they stop at 10!!! I just said "snowman"when they asked how many strokes. It should have been "igloo" or "glacier" if you know what I mean. For those of you with good handicaps - let's say 2 - don't laugh too hard. One day....
We just got back and sat out for cocktails before the rain came - Egon managed to cook the hamburgers in time.
They left this morning and the boys are back to continue on the addition. I have to locate some more chain link fencing for the slopes as the sprayer may be in today - they are spraying the "wildlife foliage" at Hooverville today and we are getting what's left over sprayed on our slopes - it is a mixture of clover and wheat that is sprayed on the dirt and it is a fast grower - they used it on the sides of the road when they were redoing the highway - we really need it to hold back the erosion on the slopes. We ran out of the fencing on Friday - just one bundle short.
I'm having trouble with the Picassa so the pics may be a little late in being posted but be patient they will be posted.
More tourists coming up this weekend - Rick, Joan, Steve and Jenn on Saturday then my sister Susan and her husband Jack and their friends Robbie and his wife LeeAnn on Monday. I still don't know if or when Stacey and Andrew will be up - tourist season is in full swing....
See Ya Bye

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