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Friday, June 13, 2008

Trucks & Bunchberries

Well the weather co-operated and everyone was back again today for day two of construction. I have to say that we got a call from our dock guy and it will be ready at the beginning of next week so Yea - I'll have my dock in place in time for the peak tourist season. Terry got the side all levelled out and the boys are now starting to frame out the floor to the addition. There will be a walk- in shower there so when the cement is poured next week they have to smooth it in a slope to meet the drain - there was some discussion as to how it would be done but they seem to think no problem. Terry also dug up the eight feet in front of the house where the cement will be poured for the - I guess you would call it a deck - that will be on two sides of the house - there will also be the "fake"roof over this area. That's where my colourful adirondac chairs will go along with the tables so you can sit and relax and look at the lake. I have it all imagined out. I have to thank Terry for doing that because I thought I would have to do it by hand - hard labour. I was ready but thank goodness I didn't have to do it. I did go down on the septic bed and retrieve all the big rocks and stones that escaped onto the lawn from the fill - at least I have the rocks for the rock garden I plan on having to utilize all those f--king rocks. That's one thing we have lots of up here - rocks - when my sister Joanne and Mitch drove out here from Calgary years ago Joanne took back a lot of rocks - now that she flies she stores her prize rocks here. Susan takes a lot back to her home. Slate has also found it's way back down south - there is an abandoned slate mine just up the road and you can still find some good pieces. I had to move my garden collection so that it wouldn't be covered with all the fill - as if I couldn't find replacements...
Terry is also filling in front 10 feet because with the eight foot cement deck we loose room to turn the cars around so we had to extend our front driveway - we didn't loose any trees but we did loose four Testical Plants growing there - I feel bad because they are so hard to grow but I have a lot around the property so I'll get over it.
Dinner out tonite - Iron Bridge has a little Chinese food place that is not too bad - Rejean's birthday on Sunday - 59 - I think he qualifies for Scotiabank's senior discount. Happy Birthday Rejean!!!
The picture is taken out my bathroom window - I had to step on the toilet to take it - nice view from there...
Also I have a patch of Bunchberries down by the road - I was almost eaten alive by the mosquitos - they are still hungry.
See Ya Bye

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