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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Money For Nothing And My Fish For Free

Yesterday was my first weather report - Ute was heading into the Sault and asked me to do the 1pm weather report - sure thing. I hopped on my quad and rode over to take the readings. Came back and e-mailed them to the MNR - about 10 minutes worth of work for $10 - not too shabby. I hope she asks me more often - let's see - what can I do with $10 - lots of stuff up here. Good way to supplement the pension.
Dock guy showed up with his helper in the morning right after the cement truck left - they secured the dock to the shore and then had major problems with getting it level and getting the leg bases to sit right on the bottom of the lake. It was not exactly warm yesterday but dock guy was in the lake with his bathing suit on trying to see what the problem was - there were other guys in e boat trying to lift the dock to adjust it - quite entertaining for Luke and myself who were sitting there watching it - I almost made popcorn. They left at 5 and will be back with a solution on Friday - oh well - I wasn't in a hurry for it.
The slab was poured for the addition yesterday and all went well. There was some left over cement that we used on Rejean's wood shed area - that will keep it in place. Basho was pleased with the pour and he got it nice and smooth.
Today it is raining so I don't think the deck will be poured and Basho is busy tomorrow so maybe next week. When you have to depend on the weather anything can happen.
We had a bit of a scare this morning - the tamper was missing. Rejean searched out Ron (who we borrowed it from) and it appears he came and got it last night while we were out and took it home to use. I thought it had been stolen. I was ready to call the OPP. But everything turned out ok. BUT things will be locked up from now on - we think we are safe from crime up here but one should never let down their guard - you never know...
Last nite we visited Cal and Sal - friends we met through Bill and Barb - Cal is the one waiting for the triple by-pass. They have a beautiful camp on Jobam. We were fed hamburgers with pineapple, ham and cheese on them, delicious macaroni salad and beans - and desert. I was stuffed. And she kept giving me beer even though I was refusing - she would bring me a can of my fav - Coors Light - and open it before I could stop her and, not wanting to waste it, and everyone else was drinking something different - well I had to drink it - didn't I? They taught us a new card game (everyone up here plays cards - for money!!!) called Golf - which means there was 9 hands of this game to play. Not wanting to be rude we played. We had to use her coins because we didn't have any money with us. The first hand was a practice one and I was totally lost - so many rules - and each card resulted in a new rule - UGH. But once we got going it was a blast. I won't give you the details because it would take forever. Needless to say we both lost but I really enjoyed it.
Well that's it for now - it is raining and don't hear any hammering going on right now. Enjoy the pics.
See Ya Bye

The cement truck is here now and pouring the deck - they tried to cancel the pour this morning when it started to rain but it had already been mixed - so wish us luck - it isnot raining that hard so maybe it will be ok.

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