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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New News

After my post from yesterday lo and behold, the dock guy pulls up with his trailer with part of our new dock on it. He still had to do the legs and the base for the tower and the tower (it is a cantelever (?) dock that can be raised up for the winter. He also had the cedar decking (which by the way I will be sanding down to make it smoother - it's a bit rough and I don't want any slivers in my feet). He is supposed to be back today to assemble it but I won't hold my breath - as I've said before - they get around to it when they get around to it. Life is slow up here.
Luke showed up today and he busy working as tho he never missed a day - they are digging in front of the house for the footings for the cement and it is slow going. The rock is from the mine side and is full of cobble stones and it is slow going for them. Rejean is using the tractor to help out but it is still slow. If the weather holds out they will be pouring Wednesday and Thursday.
I was over cutting Bill and Barb's lawn (Bill passed away in February) I don't think Barb could have done that - she is elderly and a chain smoker so I don't know how she will manage without Bill. We do what we can - Rejean put the water pump in with Cal (who is waiting for a call from the hospital for a triple bypass!!!) so unless Barb comes up with someone else, this may be her last year up here - she will be having a little memorial service for Bill and spreading his ashes over his beloved Chubb Lake - I would like a bit o' Bill for my garden - he liked it over here. We have a decoy marking the water pump in the lake (better than an old basketball) and last summer Bill thought that it was a live duck and it just sat there for two hours - we all had a good laugh - including Bill. He will be missed.
Well that is it - I will get a photo of the digging in front of the house so you can have an idea of the work going on.
My blood donation went well yesterday - I almost peed my pants by the time I pulled up at the donation site - I had drank four bottles of water without relief and WOW not comfortable at all.
It took 9 minutes - she had to poke around at first because when she put the needle in nothing happened but eventually out it came. I am O negative and that is the universal type that can be used for newborns and without matching a type so they are always glad to see me. Everyone should donate - as they say - "It's In You To Give" and you never know when you may need blood.
See Ya Bye

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