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Monday, June 16, 2008

Work Work Work

So this is retirement? As is so often the case, we are busier now than when we were working. The fun never ends. On Saturday Rejean was working on the plumbing in the addition before the cement is poured this week. I was busy tamping down the fill in front of the house - I don't know why more women are not in construction with all the nice heavy equipment that we could play with. For example I can see how the machine I was working could possibly be a girl's best friend - if you know what I mean. But what an experience - that sucker is heavy and when I first got it started I just about went over the edge with it - or it pulled me. But once I got the hang of it, it basically moved itself with just a light touch to direct it. I did have to stay away from the edge until I knew what I was doing. That fill is so tamped down it ain't going nowhere.
Sunday I tamped down the area in front of the garage where the big dump trucks were turning around - they left some big ruts. Also the fill where the other wood shed will go needed to be tamped as well. Everything was finished up on Sunday with some time left for the deck - the weather cleared up nicely.
Today only Basho showed up - Luke is not feeling good so Rejean is the helper today - I asked him where his tool belt was. I had to make a run into Blind River to pick up some chain link fencing that will hold our steep slope in place so the addition will not slide onto the septic bed. I also stopped at a greenhouse and picked up some fast growing moss to plant on the slope. With the torential rains we get up here we could loose it all.
I am now drinking my first of many bottles of water - I give blood today in Thessalon and after all these years I know the trick to giving blood - drink plenty of fluids so the blood comes out of you fast - sometimes it takes the maximum time of 20 minutes - I have even had them stop because it is taking so long - they can still use the blood but not for tansfusions. I find the more you drink the faster is flows.I have it down now to about 8 minutes. I like the free cookies at the end. I'll do anything for free food.
I also finally got my new glasses today - I am wearing them as I type. They were mailed from Windsor - my other glasses broke and I had to fix them with thread so it is always good to have a spare pair.
I also saw my first bear of the season - actually not too far away - between here and Axe Lake and it was a good size one. I slowed down and he took off running into the bush - as a good bear should - we won't have any problems with him. There has also been some sightings of mother bears and their cubs and does with fawns but I haven't been that lucky yet to see them.
That's it for now - the dock guy hasn't called yet but he said early this week. Also Steve asked about the dock christening party - hey - it is going to be everyday. I also promised that as soon as it is installed I will run down the dock and jump in the lake - did I say that? A great photo opportunity ...
See Ya Bye

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