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Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Welcome Breeze

Remember a few blogs ago I cursed the breeze because it made it chilly while you were trying to lie out to get a tan - but today it was a god send to keep the bugs away.
I scraped the brown fishing boat and painted it this morning and I had to wear my bug head gear because they were terrible. No breeze this morning down by the water. We then went to arrange the piles of guard rail posts we had received from the workers and the bugs were brutal. I was in full head gear also. We cut it short and will continue tomorrow morning when the bugs aren't as bad.
After the winter they have to replace a lot of guard rails due to the snow plow hitting them and we asked if they could dump them on the other property and they gave us two loads. Good outdoor fire wood and for berming for the new addition. Some aren't that good but the majority is usable. You take what you can get up here.
Got to do some tanning this afternoon and Rejean went over to Bill and Barb's to put in the water pump - Cal, who usually does it, is awaiting a call for a triple bypass operation so he can't really do too much. John and a friend came over this afternoon so I had to entertain them until Rejean came home - just give them a beer and they were ahppy. That's why you have to always have cold beer in the fridge.
Great game last nite - Detroit won and will win tomorrow nite. It was good hockey - the way it should be played.
Fishing last nite was great - I got a big one over by the rocks and it was fun fighting it in the current - got our limit in 2 hours. We have to go again tomorrow nite (darn) because we will be having a fish fry on Tuesday nite for four of our friends - we have to save some for company this summer so we have to get more.
That's about it for now - talk to you later.
See Ya bye

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