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Thursday, June 12, 2008

And So It Begins....

Day one of construction started with the arrival of trucks, trailers, and big machines and men in plaid jackets because it is a bit cool. I will be updating you regularly on the progress of the addition and the "fake" roof and also, hopefully the arrival of the dock.
Terry is manning the big digger (I don't know the proper terminology so bear with me) He handles it like a big hand - so gently. Bashio was in the hole and Terry was gently pushing the dirt around the "big foot" and at the same time trying to save what is left of my garden. He is a professional and it shows. Bruce, his brother-in-law is also on hand to assist and Rejean is right in there - bringing the machine to tamper down the dirt in his tractor - boys and their toys. Bashio's assistant Luke is also here.
I went to the Trading Post to get "beverages" and while on my way I saw 2 MNR trucks hauling trailers with big bears in them - they are being relocated up north somewhere. They are the lucky ones - some, like our little one last year, had to be shot because he wasn't afraid of humans - a certain death sentence. Never feed the Bears!!
At the meeting last night we learned that the insurance company is going to pay to rebuild the Warencliffe Hall this year - YEA. But not in time for me to work this summer at the meals - the hardest work I have ever done.
The daisys are starting to come out - there are millions of them at the side of the road - nice to look at. They also make up a good portion of my lawn - oh well it is greenery as well as the weeds. Weeds are just flowers or plants growing where you don't want them and if they look like grass they get to live in my lawn.
That's it for now - sorry there has been a lull in blogging but I was on vacation and there was nothing exciting to blog about.
Oh and thanks for the comments from envyofbliss - it's nice to know that other people are reading my stuff as well as my family and friends.
Right now I'll be checking out a blog that is highlighted for today - gardening while intoxicated - something I have never done before....
Oh and Stacey will be doing another 50 mile run in Windsor this time the day after Steve and Jenn's wedding - I think I may join her but in a reasonable 10ker - a practice to our 1/2 marathon in October - the first one I will run in - wish me luck.
See Ya Bye

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