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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Dragons Are Here

It is officially Dragon Fly season - there are tons of them out there and just at the right time to feed on the black flies and mosquitos - eat 'em up. They are just out in droves - everywhere you look or step they are right there - and if you are driving - you have some heavy duty bug juice on your car. They are beautiful to watch and they will land on you no problem - I've been lying in the sun and had one land on my stomach or legs many times - you just have to be aware that it is a dragon fly and not a big spider or bee. I just let them stay and watch them - they have this amazing head with their big eyes on the sides just moving around looking at stuff. They may preen with their front legs and that is interesting. Just another form of entertainment up here.
Yesterday I couldn't sit in my pink chair by the house because there was a toad on it. I found him in the morning on the arm - all squashed down trying to be invisible but I saw him - I just let him be and checked on him alot because the sun was starting to come around so that he would be directly in the sun unprotected. But he seemed to enjoy the warmth and didn't move for a bit - then I looked and he was on the seat of the chair - how he got there without jumping I don't know - and HOW did he get up on the chair anyhow? Did he jump? Did he crawl up which is what I think he did. Then he moved to the back of the arm where it meets the back of the chair and there he stayed until dusk when he was gone. I could have moved him - I can touch toads - but he just seem too comfortable and he was fun to watch.
Got my planters done and some relaxing time in - it was beautiful yesterday all day so I took advantage of it.
Today I move rocks and stones out of the way of the fill for the addition - not like I could find other stones eh. But these are special stones as anyone who has been up here knows - apparently all females have this thing for rocks and stones - they pick up the ones they like and take them home - you should see my collection.....
See Ya Bye

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envyofbliss said...

you should have kissed the toad-who knows??maybe too many rocks in your head??or too many rocks(ice) in your drink????