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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What A Difference A Day Makes

The boys puilled in at 7:30 again and started to work - Rejean had to go to Rozenburgs to get more plywood for under the steel roof of the addition - the boys didn't think we wanted that but we do so we had to get more supplies. I was just going for my run/walk when Rejean pulled me in to help him cut the strips needed from the plywood to shim under the roof trusses. I like this job - you have to guide a heavy piece of plywood or chiprock thru the table saw I think - we needed 36 pieces of 1 1/2 inch strips - mission accomplished. Went for my run/walk and shaved almost 10 minutes off my time - I have to get it down to about 30 minutes for 3 miles. No problem.
When I got back we need more so off to the garage I go - all sweaty so the mosquitos are just swarming around me. Ugh. But I think my skin is getting tough because I really didn't feel any bites. Time will tell. Also dump day and my visit with Erla. Lots of garbage from the construction.
But they really did a lot of work today and looking at it this evening the place looks HUGE. But it is functunal with no wasted or unused space. The new bathroom will be used and the workout room is used a great deal in the cooler weather so it is worth it.
I also picked garbage today along the highway and I must say that it is the prettiest time of year for the flowers along the side of the road - all the daisys, and indian paintbrushes and all the lush greenery. Steve is coming up and I am sure he'll take tons of pictures - excellant photo opportunities.
I will try and post the pictures but, again, I am having trouble with Picassa...
See Ya Bye

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