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Friday, June 6, 2008

Turtles and Moose

Went into town today to get some stuff and to get my flowers - I like to support the locals so I went to a greenhouse just outside of Little Rapids - nice place and nice flowers but I still need some more - they didn't have some of the flowers I like so I'll get them another time. I have enough to do me right now. But on the way wack from town I spotted a moose in the swampy area - I was pretty far away but you could see the massiveness of him or her. I watched for about five minutes then was on my way - avoiding the turtles on the road - right now they are on the move trying to lay their eggs in sandy gravelly areas like the shoulder of the road. They aren't fast movers so you have to go around them. One was a painted turtle - harmless - but the other one was a snapper - you could tell by the way it was moving and when you get right close you can see - you don't want to stop your car and help that one across - you'd loose a digit. They are evil. The picture I'm blogging today was a visitor we had by our wood pile last year - we can home and there he was - right beside the pile - I don't know where he came from or where he was heading but you don't want something like that in your lake - it would eat the fish and probably people too. We kindly relocated him to a stream further down the road. He snapped at the two by four we presented it with and we had to coax him into the tote for transportation. He was hissing and trying to make himself look big - rearing up on his hind legs to make himself look mean. It worked - I was afraid. Hopefully he is still alive and living in the swamp. And bothering no one else.
See Ya Bye

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