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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now I Do The Weather

My neighbour, Ute from Limberlost Lodge, reports the weather readings to the Ministry of Natural Resources twice a day - once at 8am and then again at 1pm - every day!!! She asked me if I want to be a backup incase she can't do it - and I said sure. I went today at 1 to see what to do. It is actually quite easy so I don't think I'll have any problems (you know us retirees - we loose all intelligence on our first day of retirement) It is a small weather station situated between our two properties so it only makes sence that I be the one to back her up. I rode the four wheeler over today but in the future I'll walk over (when the bugs aren't so bad) Just record 5 readings - temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed and rainfall. Also they pay $10 per reading - yes that's ten canadian dollars per reading. Nice way to supplement my pension - I'll include that money with the money I make picking up beer cans and bottles along the highway and I'll be rich before you know it. But that is a lot of money - $20/day each and every day for about 5 minutes worth of work. I hope she calls me a lot.
Also got my hair cut this morning at Robin's. She took a bit toooooo much off grows and I don't mind short hair - I can easily see the bug bites and they don't get caught up in my tresses. I tell you - don't leave home without that bug net - you look foolish but it keeps them away. I've got one hanging around me right now that I can't seem to kill - I'll get the zapper - that'll fix him.
We also went to the funeral home last nite - Pat Dosman died - her and her husband, Len, ran the Tunnel Lake Trading Post for years until they retired. She was the best ice-cream scooper going - you could always count on an extra big scoop from her. I always think about her when we get an ice cream cone at the Post - she will be missed.
That't it until tomorrow
See Ya Bye

ps - the picture I am going to blog was taken by a friend of Andrew's (I think) who was on her way out west and came across this moose and took a picture - she didn't know that it was taken right at our drive way - she didn't even know us - small world

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