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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Afternoon Off

Got up and it was sunny out for a change - did my run - I am getting better - everyday a little further and less huffing and puffing - I figured I was going out too fast and that was the problem so I slowed it down and what a difference it makes - I am not going out to win - I am going out to finish with a smile on my face.
Finished the maintenance on the road and also finished my garden - went over to the other property and picked stones and finished the project. I am quite happy with the results. We put down the trap rock on the path instead of the slate - I will save that for the new wood stove platform for the workout room. Also planted the Irish Moss and hopefully it will spread.
Gerry and Cheryle are coming over tonite for a visit. I saw them walking with Sasha the yellow lab with only one eye. She went blind early in her life and finally had to get one eye out because of catarac(?). She gets along just fine up here - she has a very sensitive sense of smell and she knows where everything is. When we go for walks down the trail she is slow on the way in but on the way out she can smell where she was and she is a lot faster. She's cute.
Just a beautiful northern day -plenty of sunshine but a nice breeze to cool you down and just the right amount of clouds. Went in the lake for the first time today - Rejean went in first and said it was just fine - pay backs are a bitch - it was f--king freezing. But refreshing. Jacques was there hanging around waiting for worms.
Hot Dogs and Beans for supper - testing the menu for Saturday....
See Ya Bye

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