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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Dark Side

Yes, retirement has a dark side. It is not all fun and games you know. We work damm hard. Last nite there was one of those torrential rains that we get up here. It woke me up and it really poured - so much so that you think the whole house is going to slide into the swamp. Rejean woke up at 4:30 am and went outside to check our slopes - he could see nothing. This morning he was right out there with his umbrella ella ella ella hey hey hey (I hate that song) and he found that there were two washouts - one on each slope. So instead of making my world famous b-b-q
sauce I was doing maintenance - BUT I got to ride the tractor!!! I would go get scoops from the pile of fill and take it up top, help fill the wheelbarrow and Rejean would dump it. He would ghen rake it while I filled it up again. Then I had to go get another scoop so I'd get back on the tractor and go get another one. I wasn't doing too bad - I think there was only one or two scoops that weren't big. We got the washouts fixed and then we put fill behind the addition as it is a bit steep there and then we packed'er down with the tamper. Fun. But I was pooped after we were finished - I got cleaned up and we had company. Ron and Roger over on their 4 wheelers - we follow Up North 101 and had good cold beer in the fridge for them (and me).
Ron was on a new 4 wheeler that he said was Darlene's - I'll have to get her out on a ride with me - what an adventure we would have.
Well that's it - tomorrow I go into Bruce Mines to the Home Hardware store to get about 80' of rain gutters for the place - I bet they don't have that much - come on I'll bet you a buck. Usually up here they only have one of each thing - they can order it.
It is a beautiful nite.
See Ya Bye

ps - I have to give Ricky credit for the phrase "The Dark Side" That is what he calls the Barrs, Joan's parents - but with a great deal of affection. I just like the sound of it. Thanks for the Gramma cookies - Yum Yum

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