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Friday, July 25, 2008

One Thing Leads To Another - the fixx

Great Tune!! Music to blog to...
Yesterday was a play day for me. I went golfing with the ladies of Axe Lake. Joy, Darlene, Cathy and I hit the links at 10 am - beautiful weather - just enough clouds, a nice breeze and warm sun - perfect. I guess we didn't specify who would be driving as we all showed up with our vehicles - me with my Compass, Joy with her minivan and Cathy with her Cadillac station wagon - we ended up going in the car you wouldn't expect to carry us all - Darlene's Toyota!! Four golf bags and two carts fit in her trunk!! Joy and I walked but Darlene (who has had both knees replaced) and Cathy (who has breathing problems) got a cart - a cart with no guts. Have you ever seen three mature women pushing a golf cart up a small hill? Well we did. At the turn we traded in the beast for one with a Hemi!! It could go - Darlene lost her hat at the first acceleration - the G forces were pretty good. I learned a few new phrases - every time Joy hit a poor shot - "you rotten piece of sh-t" etc etc. I almost peed my pants I was laughing so hard. We all had fantastic shots and we all had horrible shots and we all had a good time. I found 5 balls and lost 2 so I am still up. I know to replace my good ball with another less nice ball when I get near water as it seems to attract my balls - why don't they make them float??
We had lunch and a beer at the turn and did another 9. We got home about 4:30 and of course we had to have a cold one at Joy's. I called Rejean and told him I'd be home shortly - well after 2 more beers Darlene and I leave to drive to her camp where my car is parked so I could go home. Rejean came a' looking for me - he thought since I wasn't yet home I was mush somewhere and couldn't drive - so we went into Darlene and Ron's place to have another beer and talk. I finally made it home at 8pm. I was fine.
We now have plans for next Monday to have an Axe Lake Golf Tournament - Best Ball to save some time. But you can't golf with your spouse - it has to be someone else. Sounds like fun.
Another use for golf clubs after they have seen better days is to cut the head off, bend the tip at a 90 degree angle and use it as a fire poker. The best. You have a handled grip and it is just the right length to poke the fire - people will think you are a genius - try it. I should patent it. They also double as "flippen sticks" to flick branches and twigs off the trails - so you don't have to bend down as much. I have about 6 in stock and they are always well used.
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