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Sunday, July 20, 2008

P A R T Y ! ! !

Mission Accomplished. What a day! The weather couldn not have been more perfect - partly cloudy and warm with a nice breeze.
My day started at 8am when I made my world famous deviled eggs (I have quite a list of "world famous" stuff) for John - he loves them and no one makes them up here so now it is my signature dish to take to get togethers. Actually they are quite easy but I put in honey mustard instead of just plan mustard shhhhh. It just gives it a different taste - and I even bought one of those special deviled egg plates - now they won't roll all over the place on the regular plates - they are slippery things. Then I made jello and I started to panic - will I have enough food - I didn't know the exact number of people but I knew it would be around 25 or 30 - it was over 35 people. And hopefully people bring things to these get togethers. I had 36 hamburger rolls and 36 hot dog rolls so I knew I was covered in the meat and bun department. I needn't have worried. Everyone brought something - salad, munchies, desert even. Tons. I just had enough burger and dogs as there was only one hamburger in a hot dog bun left. Linda was surprised at the surprise party and let me know about it. I think her exact words were f--k off but that's Linda and she enjoyed herself. We had a fire after desert and everyone vegged out - nothing like a fire to get you mello and after the day I had, I indulged in beverages. A nice ending to a nice day.
Everyone was gone by 10 pm and we we left the clean up til Sunday and it really wasn't that bad - I use paper plates and plastic cutlery so hardly any dishes to wash. Lots of empties @ 10 cents a piece. Washed both cars inside and out, cut Bill and Barb's grass, picked up my dress from Phyllis then showers and cocktails. The fox came to visit twice today - that fox takes food out of your hand more gently than some dogs I know. He is becoming quite the pet. But I still see him with mice and things in his mouth so he still remembers how to hunt.
It's off to the Sault tomorrow to get Rejean's truck looked at and shopping for stuff and Ute paid me today - $50!!!! for doing the weather - as I said before - Money for Nothing - I like it.
See Ya Bye

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