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Friday, July 18, 2008

A City Dog's Tail

Another city dog got lost here yesterday - a big black lab from Axe Lake went off chasing the fox and never came back. It was from Windsor and was up visiting people and had been here for about a week so he kind of knew his way around. Linda called us about 8:30 to ask if we had seen him. He had run off in the direction of the highway. We didn't see him and it stormed last nite - big time. Heavy rains and thunder and lightning. I thought how scared he must be. but when I called Linda this morning they had found him before the rain started. Little Ralph the Jack Russel terrier got lost last year - over nite!!! He had been scared by fireworks and ran off and he was gone all nite. I thouht for sure that he was toast - the foxes, wolves or even a raccoon could do damage. But the next morning he was walking towards home all muddy and very tired. He was probably awake all night.
Went to the Trading Post last nite and bought a new jacket - a suede fringed jacket that I have had my eye on since I first saw it last year but didn't want to pay $199.99 for it. Well I mentioned to Keith (the owner) previously, that I had had my eye on it and I think he may have reduced the price just for me. There it was for $99.99 - I scooped it up quickly. It was meant to be. I need another jacket like I need a whole in my head. But I deserved it. It was another one of my rewards for being good in my life. I have a few.
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