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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I neglected to tell you about Sasha's hip - she had it replaced!!! She was over last night visiting with her people and enjoying all the smells around here. We had two dogs here earlier with their people and also the fox was around. We have had squirrels, chipmonks, snakes, etc within the past week or so, so the smells are still fresh. Sasha uses her sense of smell to see. Her little nose goes a mile and minute and she was sniffing up a storm. But she doesn't know the terrain and Rejean had to grab her by her collar to prevent her from going over the edge of the slope out front. Also the garden slope is full of those rocks so we had to keep calling her away. But she had her hip done earlier this year and boy has she recouped. You could hardly tell that she had work done - only a slight limp. She needed help jumping up into the car but other than that she's adapted quite well. I only hope that if I have to get a hip replaced it goes as well - maybe I should go to a vet to get it done - less waiting time...
We cleaned up around here for the big do on Saturday - it needed it with all the construction and some company we had but we got it done. Looks good.
I have to do an inside workout today so I better get to it.
See Ya Bye

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