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Monday, July 28, 2008

A Little Bit Of This A Little Bit Of That

I've been busy - last nite we took Ron and Mary Demers out to dinner at the Outpost for letting us use the tamper (remember that?) - it was ham and scallop potatoe nite and boy was it good. They were feeding 32 people last nite - a sitting at 5pm and us and another party of 4 at 6pm. Such a nice place to eat - you can bring your own beverages (beer, wine etc) and no corkage fees. We had two coolers on the floor under our table - one beer and one wine. One nite it is turkey, one nite pork, one nite chicken - different each nite.
We got the tractor going this morning to get some posts to berm the slope and some gravel and trap rock to finish the project - looks great.
Today while we were out picking stones for my garden we sighted a "creature". I happened to look up and saw something going across the road - I first thought it was a bear cub but it didn't walk like a bear and it had a tail - long and curled at the end. It wasn't a dog so what else is there? Too big to be a wolverine and too black to be a cougar. In northern Michigan they say they see a black panther so maybe it has come over to our side. We went looking for it but it was long gone. Maybe we'll see it later - I'll have my camera ready.
Dan and Max are up - they were out fishing today and Max got some big bass. They have waders and fishing vests to we will take them out on the Mississaugi River on Wednesday morning to give them a taste of some real fishing. I'd like to get them out on a stream as well - that is good fishing also.
Tomorrow I am off to the Sault Michigan with Linda and Robin to do some shopping (I hate shopping) but I need stuff.
I'll leave you with a picture of the plant Ute gave me - I have never seen anything like it - I will be taking it in for the Winter because it is just too pretty to be an outdoor plant. Hopefully it will survive.
See Ya Bye

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