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Saturday, July 12, 2008

FINALLY - almost

Yeaaaa - they guys finished up yesterday - they arrived at 6am and left at about 3pm - there was just a few little jobs left to do - the steel roofing over the old part of the house as it was ordered incorrectly (7 1/2' instead of 8 1/2') they put white strips under the doors and attached Andrew's chimney anchor. Now all that is left to do is the post coverings - we need 12 of them and I asked Rejean how much he thought they would be - he said about $50 -$60 - N O T - Bill Rozenburg said $120 a piece - oh well - I just consider it part of the total cost - we need them.
Basho and Luke did a great job - it took them one month - give or take a day off - and they were professional, kept a clean worksite and knew what they were doing and it shows. I am very happy witht the results. Now it's my turn to get to work. I'll keep you up to date on our progress but I want that addition to be completely finished by next spring - a winter project already!!! It'll be fun.
Went to Axe Lake last nite to see Linda on her 60th birthday. Robin and Randy were over for dinner and we watched them eat spagheti(?) Roger, Bob, Liz, Darlene, Ron, Donna, the mayor of Thessalon and her husband Al, the bartender at the legion and everyone's assorted dogs - Sandy, the little dog who thinks she's a big dog, Buddy the yellow lab who is just a hoot to watch with the other dogs, and Bailey the chubby Beagle. Sandy the little dog has a thing for shovels - she hates them. I caught her staring at the shovel and I just moved it a little and she went nuts - I'm such a shit disturber. Bob and Liz went home and didn't take Bailey with them - she could find her way back home but when Roger left (he lives next door to Bob and Liz) on his four wheeler Bailey followed him home. That was funny - Roger riding the four wheeler and Bailey the chubby Beagle trotting off beside him. I guess you had to be there.
It's raining here today but we still have to work outside to clean up because it's dump day and there is lots of garbage. So back to0 work I go...
I'll leave you with some pictures - enjoy
See Ya Bye

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