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Saturday, July 5, 2008


Sorry I have been so long in blogging but it is tourist season you know. Stacey and Andrew and Sadie left on the Sunday and Sue and Jack and Robbie and Lee-Ann came up on Monday arriving in good time. Rick and Joan and Steve and Jenn were already up here. That makes 10 if my fingers are correct. And the one night Gerry and Cheryle came over so that's 12. BUT we had the porch to sit on and it is nice. We were all quite comfortable and could talk and see each other - it can accomodate a ton of people.
Getting back to the tourists - we let off more fireworks with this crew and, just as before, they were spectacular. I kept asking if this was the finale they were that good - We should have filled up the brown boat with sand and set them off out on the lake like a barge....
They guys went fishing and the girls went off four wheeling and boy did we go. One day we were gone for about three hours but the second day we were gone for about five hours - we went down FootPrint Lake road, the abandoned copper mine then the colony. Lee-Ann had a riot. Sue and I are pros but she kept up just fine and we had her going down triple diamond trails.
She rode her bike over the bridge at the colony and she was up on the rock beside the road - she did good. She said she was going to trade in her trailer for a four wheeler and come back and play with us. Joanne is real good too and I bet she is reading this right now and wishing she was with us - eh Jo?
Robbie had never been river fishing or stream fishing so Jack and Rejean took him out and got him hooked good. Talk about luck - he got a fish in the river with my 10' rod and he liked it.
Waders and rods and creels will be on his Christmas wish list. He had even better luck in the stream for the brook trout with ultra-lite rods. Rejean showed him how to do it and he ended up getting the biggest fish in the stream - it looked like no one else had fished it before them so the big ones were in there. Jack lost a big one over the waterfall - he was pissed. But he got a big Walley in our lake and he got to keep it. Yum Yum. The girls rode our fourwheelers in to meet them then we took the highway back home instead of the VERY AMBITIOUS TRAIL.
Jenn and Steve got off to an early getaway and Rick and Joan followed later. They had a good time as always.
Today everyone was gone and it was just the two of us - listen - can you hear that? Silence. We took advantage of it and relaxed the whole afternoon on the deck - it was a beautiful day.
See Ya Bye

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