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Thursday, July 31, 2008

If You Want To Put Meat On Your Table....

Nice Fish!!! Took Dan and his son Max out river fishing yesterday. It was an overcast morning and we got out there at about 11:30 (had to wait for the septic system to be pumped out - oh the smell of sh-t in the morning - it was not that bad) We got all suited up and Rejean took Max over to the rapids for lessons while Dan and I cast in the pool at the end of the rapids - I got a good hit and it was on - I could tell he was a big one and not a bass so either a rainbow or a walley - had him on for about 30 seconds and he got off - I was upset - it was a big one. But soon after I got another one on and he was hooked - Dan came over to net him in his trout net and he did a good job considering the size of the net and the size of the fish, about 3 pounds. He was a beaut and into the creel he went. Got back out there and soon after I got a bass on - he put up a good fight and he was a jumper. Max expertly netted it for me. It is a tough job to be a netter - if you loose the fish there is hell to pay so you have to be good. He kept Mr. Walley company in the creek. Now that's two fish for me and zero for everyone else. So I wandered off to my spot up the river and let the guys play. All I got was snags so I headed back. In the mean time all hell broke loose on the river. Dan lost 3 good ones (his drag wasn't set and the one broke his line - it must have been a good one) and Max caught a 4 pounder - nice fish!!! We left as the activity had died down. Went home and they stayed and watched Rejean clean them and they came back at 5 for dinner - Nothing like fresh caught walley and they taste sooooo much better when you catch them - Right Max? We had our fill and there was even some left over for Dan and Max for the next meal. Lots of meat from those three fish.
All we used was a hook, worm and splitshot. I used two splitshots for my casts. You don't have to get fancy unless you want to. As the saying goes If you want to put meat on the table you have to put meat on your hook. Worked for us.
Last nite after dinner we headed over to Axe Lake for John Gerard's 50th birthday party - everyone on the lake knew about it except John and his wife Lisa - it must have been a surprise when everone showed up to wish him Happy Birthday - they had to send out for more beer!!
See Ya Bye

ps: thanks for all the feedback on my plant which has now been identified - a Mandevilla - care & feeding info is greatly appreciated

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