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Monday, July 14, 2008

Before and After

OK those of you who want a "before and after" photo of the place will have to wait - it technically is not finished yet on the outside. We have to install the beam coverings and put my flower boxes in place. There are certain finishing touches that MUST be done before I will allow an "after" photo to be blogged.
We are just waiting for the covering to be in - possibly this week. We are having a party this weekend on Saturday for Linda's birthday - it is becoming quite an event. I may have over 30 people here. When you are dealing with the Axe Lake people anything goes. Already people have been calling asking if they can bring extra people - of course. I plan on hot dogs and hamburgers, beans and salads and h'orderves (?) I will supply the hotdogs and burgers and beans and I will deligate the rest of it. Everyone brings their own drinks and chairs. I'll set up the Newfie Golf game and have tunes going and a bonfire that night and everyone will be in heaven. Including me. I'll just be pleasantly numb and enjoy the affair. Hopefully it will be warm and I'll have the kayaks ready, the canoe, and the pool toys ready. But no fishing off the right hand side of the dock because of Jacques. He'll be part of the entertainment.
Worked hard today fixing the road and the new area in front of the house. Now that the trailer is gone we had to even it out and add new trap rock and again I worked the tractor - some loads again were no big but I had fun. We got it done. More work tomorrow but I have to get my run in - today was "stretch and strenghten" day and boy did I do that.
We are off to a bonfire tonite over at Axe Lake - it is a "Unemployment Bonfire" Joy qualified for unemployment even tho she took a buy out from Chrysler (we'll hear about it tonite) and the booze is on them. I'm still going to take my own. It turned out to be a nice evening so I will have a good time.
See Ya Bye

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