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Monday, July 7, 2008

On The Road AGAIN

I spent the better half of today on the road - I went into town today to get some stuff then when I got home (and had to go to the bathroom bad) I was instructed to take a bathroom break then go to Rozenberg's for supplies (read chimney stuff, concrete and tuck tape). Ok no problem - I had to return a floor sample that Rejean didn't like (I kinda did but I have my eye on the Tuscan Stone at Home Depot - I'll have to see if Rozenberg's can order it for me - I like to keep things local) So away I go down the road with my tunes up loud and the windows downs for air - saw a porcupine walking down the edge of the highway - he turned into the bush instead of under my tires - but I slowed down just in case. I also saw a fox - I don't know if it was mine but he looked pretty good.
Luke showed up this morning but Basho was late so Luke left and never came back - Rejean put on his tool belt and helped. He likes that. But he takes beer breaks and never asks Basho. He can't be fired.
They cemented the shower area today and it looks great - it is going to be big - 4' by 8' walk in with no door - I want one of those rain shower heads and those things that spray you all over and of course an adjustable head for cleaning and for Mitch who is quite tall so he doesn't have to stoop over to get wet. Any thing for the family.
The front is all sided so I will blog that - our first party will be next week - Linda from Axe Lake turns 60 and she doesn't want any party so we will just visit on Friday (her birthday) then surprise her a week after her birthday - anything for a party. Can't wait!!
Well that's it for now - it is almost 7pm and Basho just left - I'm hungry!!
See Ya Bye

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