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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hard To Believe

You won't get the full impact of the title unless I can get the Picassa going but - please note the date - July 10th, 2008 - middle of summer - and we had the woodstove going this afternoon!!!!! It tuned out to be a cold, dreary, rainy afternoon and evening. We managed to get more work done - more dirt and trap rock to put down and I - again - worked the tractor - I am much better at loads of trap rock than of the dirt. I got big scoops!! We then did a bit of maintenance on the road and did some landscaping - I had got 6 plants of the Red Fire Grass - it looks really good when it is really growing and we planted them on the slope towards the lake - I'll also plant my irish moss - should be nice. But getting back tothe fire - it was 66 degrees upstairs because it was so nice in the morning I opened all the windows and didn't close them so Rejean lit a fire at about 4pm. But I was glad he did - it was cool and damp in the house. See, he's always right.
Basho and Luke will be here at 6am tomorrow to finish the addition and the porch - they just have to put the front and side steel roof that was somehow ordered incorrectly - and hopefully the beam coverings will be in also. Then it will be finished - on the outside - then my work really begins. I have to varathane the wood, sand them down etc. Then pick out stuff - like flooring and tile stuff - oh joy.
Also Dan and Max are coming up at the end of this month. They stay at one of the local camps down the road from us. I used to work with Dan and Max is his son. This will be their third or fourth time up - last year we fished Tunnel Lake and Max got a pike!! He was thrilled to death about it. Another young convert. He carried the stringer to the fish cleaning hut and it had a few fish on it. This year I'm taking them to Pig Pen - they'll have a good time. And also turn them loose on our Lake for those Big Bad Bass.
Enjoy the pics
See Ya Bye

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