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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


We spent the day getting ready for tomorrow for the 3rd annual fishing derby - maybe someone will catch a fish. For the past two years no one has caught anything. We mark plenty of fish but they don't bite. I got my supplies in town for my chili, Coney Island Sauce and cole slaw. I also got a case of beer. We were out on the ice cutting down some cedars for the fire pit. We also drilled some holes and checked for fish. We marked some. I have a hole all staked out for me. It is about 8 feet deep and we marked fish. It is set to go tomorrow from 10am til whenever. It is supposed to be a beautiful day so keep your fingers crossed. It is also Bob's birthday so it will be a party too. I have a bottle of wine for the prize. But if no fish are caught I will have to draw a name out of a hat.
So if you are in the neighbourhood, drop by and try your luck. Should be a good time.
See Ya Bye.


Anonymous said...

what about your birthday. have fun and enjoy your day. see ya soon-love sistersue

Anonymous said...

Bob's Birthday What about your Birthday tomorrow Feb 3rd. You planned that really well the 3rd annual Fishing Derby just happened to be on the 3rd of February. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Janet Happy Birthdat to you!!! Have a GREAT day Catch a big one and enjoy