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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Yes the slave driver made me go out to work today - I was looking forward to it - I got to burn brush all day - I never even lifted a log. But pulling the branches out to put in the fire was a bit strenuous. They were packed in there pretty good. I had to use the loppers to cut the smaller branches off the bigger branches. But once I got that fire going it was great. It was so nice out there today I was working in just my turtleneck. I took off my coat and my sweater and just had one layer on. It was that nice plus I was working close to a blazing fire. But we put a dent in it. Rejean and I will be working there tomorrow to just burn the rest of the brush. He gave John and Randy the day off ;0) They will be back on Monday and then Tuesday off. Rejean has a meeting and I am having Ron, Mary Linda and Daniel over for dinner so I have to clean my house. Yes there is nothing like company to get me to clean my house especially when we have been so busy. With the wood stoves, it gets dusty.
The top picture is on the way in to the work site. Water must come down over the rocks and freeze in those formations. The picture does not do it justice. There are about 3 more of them on different rocks and even out on the highway. There's lots on the way to Thessalon. Just something else to look at on the highway on my roadtrips.
Well more Olympics are on so I must go.
See Ya Bye

See Ya Bye

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