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Monday, February 8, 2010


I am a Scotiabank retiree and Scotiabank offers a donation for volunteering in your neighbour hood. I put in a lot of hours at the Wharncliffe Hall - as my followers know - so I applied for some funds. I had to fill out a couple of forms, send it away and then wait. I must say I had forgotten about it but last Friday in the mail was an envelop from Scotiabank Donation Division. And there it was. A cheque for $1000 made out to the Hall. AND I can re-apply once per calendar year - so I have to wait until 2011. But the Hall can sure use the funds and I thoroughly enjoyed earning every single qualifying hour. I think the minimum was 20 hours a year - well I had about tons more than that. Cheryle was very happy to accept the cheque on behalf of the Wharncliffe Citizen's Committee.
See Ya Bye
ps - this was my 800th posting since my very first blog entry. I hope you continue to enjoy my life as much as I enjoy living it.

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