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Saturday, February 13, 2010


I got to drive Linda and Daniel's snow machine today. Nice ride. I tipped it on the way out and, it seemed like slow motion, I ended up hugging a tree with my arms while the rest of me was still on the machine. No harm done to me or the machine. It took about a hour to get there. We travelled over the lakes and into the bush on some nice trails. On some lakes there was very little snow so you were on ice. And we saw some real bad pressure cracks. Ron led the way and we were like a convoy with Ron and Linda hauling their sleds behind them carrying all our stuff. When we first got on the lake there were some people already there and as we were going by, a man was pulling up a beauty of a brook trout. A 2 pounder. He already had one on the ice. Later he had 6 beauties on the ice. All about the same size 1 1/2 to 2 pounds. That is his picture after the 6 fish in the snow. You can't see our group but we are on the far shore behind him. He was just relaxing and having a great day fishing. By the way there were 4 of them fishing in that group - the personal limit for brook trout is 5.

We quickly got our holes drilled and started fishing. Ron went over to see what the others were using and came back and reported he now had 6!!! I quickly went over and got some pictures. He was just using a spoon and no minnows. I returned to our spot and resumed fishing. Mary got her venison stew going and we had a good lunch. We also had a fire going on the ice to keep us warm. But it wasn't too cold. Overcast and no wind. Perfect.

We had no luck at all at our spot so when the other people left, we all scooted over to their holes. It was a good move because soon after Ron got a nice 2 pounder. It hit once then came back and hit again and he got it. Then about 5 minutes later Linda got another beauty. But that was all we were to catch today. If you are wondering what Linda is doing laying on the snow, she is looking down the hole. The water was only about 4 feet deep with a very clean gravel bottom so she could see the fish.
We then headed back to Ron and Mary's for a celebratory Caesar. Tomorrow we hit Axe lake for their Fishing Derby. No brook trout in that Lake - Lake Trout. Film at 11.
See Ya Bye

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glassblower said...

Beautiful Brookies, what lake did they come from ?