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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I painted the other sides of three doors today. We couldn't decide what color to do the doors downstairs - I didn't want white, and black is too dark. We can't afford to buy solid pine doors and we haven't perfected the stain on the closet door. So they are going to be the reddish stain to match the red in the red pine walls and floor. I can live with that.
I got a visit from Cathy and friend collecting for the Heart and Stroke so we had a visit. Cathy has never been here so she got the tour. She liked it. I also had to dash into town today for some supplies - we were out of salad stuff (and I like my daily salad) and I had to stop at the Home Hardware for some stain. I stopped at the marina as usual and watched the clouds rolling in from the south - I hear you guys in Windsor got some snow today. We MAY get some tonite. We haven't had any snow to speak of this winter. There is some on the ground but it has been there since December - we need some fresh stuff please.
I stopped in to Forestland - a small store in Thessalon - and the woman asked if I was the girl with the blog. Her daughter had called her and told her about it and said I was from Thessalon. She was quite impressed. There are bloggers everywhere.
I realize I haven't posted a picture of the finished wall with the Wall of Shame/Fame frame up. I will get a picture tomorrow and post it for you to see. It tuned out nice. I am happy with it. It really brightens up the room. Even in the winter.
See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Can't afford pine doors ???

Anonymous said...

how do you find another blogger?where was her daughter from? that is too errie!!!do you not have pine trees up north to make a door?love ya-sistersue