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Friday, February 19, 2010


I took my camera with me today over to the work site. We took down some big ones today. I started out my day by using Randy's metal detector to try and find Rejean's keys that he "misplaced" in the snow somewhere. But the metal detector is picking up the metal in the rocks so every time the thing goes off, it is rock. I still have to use my axe to chop thru the snow to see if it is the keys. It was hard on my back so I went back to lifting those heavy logs (does that make sense to you?) But some where so big that we just left them where they fell - we cut them up tho. I was in charge of the branches and I got a fire started this afternoon to start burning some. It also gave me a chance to play with a fire. I like playing with fire. I am usually the one tending a camp fire or burning my burnables.It also satisfies my pyromania tendencies. I use an old golf club with the head cut off and a small tip on the end. It works great and it is also good for a flipping stick on the trails in the spring and summer and fall. It just flips all the little branches that fall along your trail. You don't have to bend over and pick them up - you just use your flipping stick to fling them off to the side. Neat. I got a bit of brush burned today. More tomorrow. After I go to the dump - I missed last Saturday because we went fishing.

Bob and Ron dropped - Ron stayed to cut a few trees down for us. these guys are good - they can drop a tree exactly where they want it to. I can "read" most of them but some fool you. Everyone has to be aware of the trees. When someone is cutting one down, we all stop and watch just in case you have to make a run for it. And you have to have a clear path to run. All part of working in the bush.

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