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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This is just a door update - since this subject garnered a few comments. We have a stain that I think matches the wood perfectly. Rejean applied it today to the doors and it looks great. I have to wait for them to dry before I apply my varathane to them. We have to do both sides of the bedroom door and only one side each on the pantry and furnace room. The other sides can just remain white as no one will really see them.
There is a Windsor Spitfire hockey game in the Sault Friday and a bunch of guys will be going. John, Randy, Rejean and Bob will be heading down the highway to take it in. A sort of guys nite out. Me? I am staying in to watch the Olympic opening ceremonies. Or I might tape it and then skip thru the commercials. Decisions, decisions.
See Ya Bye

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