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Monday, February 15, 2010


Again, I harmed no fish at the derby. Bob and John both caught the only fish of the day. You can see Bob is getting a little intimate with his. I kiss my fish as well - it is for luck. It was a good day on the Lake. There was about 12 of us plus 2 dogs. Bob even drove his truck out onto the lake and then up on the island. He had the tunes going for us. 104.5 Country. Even Linda was out on the ice for half of the afternoon. She kept going back and forth to the house for stuff - even putting Sandy the dog in the basket to get her a blanket because it was a little cold for her (the dog). After the fishing was all done, we headed back to John's garage for some hotdogs, hamburgers, hashbrowns (they were good, if I do say so myself), beans and some great deserts. It was a good day on the ice.
Today, Monday, it was back to business. Rejean put the final stain on the doors and I will finish them up tomorrow. We also got on the snowmachine and scoped out the trees we will be taking down this spring for fire wood. The work never ends up here but I don't mind one bit.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Linda looks like she is having fun on her 4x4 ; How many trees did you guys scope out for cutting ? HINT - why not cut them now when there is no sap , and cut and limb them out later . The wood will be lighter , drier , and easier on the saw .

northernbliss said...

As a matter of fact Rejean is out there right now with his trustychain saw doing some cuttin'