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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We were in the bush today, cutting our firewood. John and Randy came to help. We had 3 chainsaws going, I was hauling the branches to a pile and the guys were cutting the logs to size or trimming the branches. I kept reminding them to cut the smaller trees because I can handle the weight of those logs but when they get the bigger ones, I say I can lift those for 1/2 a day or the smaller ones for all day. But there were ones that had to be taken down to clear the area. We are clearing a small valley for deer hunting. The clearing will attract the deer and we will plant some feed. At least that is the plan. It is hard work - you have to haul larger branches sometimes a bit of a way and then fling them onto the pile. My right arm really got a workout. And then you have to lift the logs to stack them. All this while walking in about 4 inches of nice popcorn snow. I keep thinking this stuff would be great to ski on in the sun. Nice. We stopped working at 2:30 when everything and everyone ran out of gas. But it is a good start. And I don't have to do my exercises tonite - I can just relax and watch "the Games". I love watching the Olympics. Every sport is interesting - even the curling - those guys are good - just like Tiger Woods is good. The shots they make - amazing. And we have some GOLD!!!
Tomorrow we head to the Sault with John and Linda - we'll also get in a visit with Ute who is recuperating from a hip replacement last week. She is staying in an retirement home before she comes home. It's always fun to go to the big city. I can dress up ;o)
See Ya Bye

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