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Sunday, February 14, 2010


It is a beautiful day up here - the sun is out, not a cloud in the sky - a rotten day for ice fishing but I'm gonna do it anyway. I am sitting here waiting for my hash browns to finish cooking before I head on over to Axe Lake for the big tourney. John is going to have a fire going and Linda is preparing hotdogs and hamburgers. Perfect eats for this type of function. There is lake trout, bass and smelt that I know of in Axe Lake so, like Forest Gump says, you never know what your going to get. It will be a surprise. I hope I get at least a bite. But it should be a blast.

And beside that, it is Valentine's Day. I have a red sparkly heart I got at the Dollar Store a couple of years ago so I will be displaying that on the snow mobile. Just to set the mood you know.

But today is the day for everyone to appreciate the ones you love. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that another person in the world loves you, cares about you and makes you feel special. I am fortunate to have people like that in my world. And I treasure them all.

See Ya Bye

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