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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I guess that is a dead giveaway to who I am for at the SuperBowl. Yes I am for the Saints because I like that saying Who Dat. I hear that one of those Manning boys is the quarterback for the other team - he is like a God of some sort for those who follow football. But I don't so I hope that the Saints win - I am in on a football pool and I had to put my name on a board with lots of squares. I just picked my lucky number 3 and there I am. Keith tried to explain how I could win but I was lost at the first sentence. I said just to call me if I win.
We will be viewing the game at Bob's this afternoon. He has a good tv and lots of chairs and a wood stove to keep warm. It is all done in knotty pine and it looks great. I'll take some pics tonite just for you.
I am making a hash brown dish and bringing the hotdogs - I have some Brenner ones from Windsor and they are like gold around here so I am very welcome to come with my dogs. As some of you may remember this was the scene of the crime 2 years ago when I accidentally got intoxicated. Really. I had brought a margarita mix containing tequila and some regular tequila and mix. Someone mixed the mix into the real drink so I was getting 2x the booze without knowing it. Well I had to go home at half time and I never saw one commercial. That will not happen tonite. I am debating whether to drink beer or water. Maybe just 1 0r 2 there but that's it.
Hope you all enjoy the game and may your team win. (go saints)
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

Why is it always some body else's fault ? ? Denial is the first step to having to attend MEETINGS .

northernbliss said...

You are probably more right than you think.