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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I have been glued to the tv for the past 2 weeks - I wake up in the morning and turn on the Olympics with the Canada AM hosts to see what I missed from the day before. I saw our first gold medal on Canadian soil and it feels like I have seen every other gold medal also won. I have watched the Canadian men and women hockey games, I have even watched curling (it is a great game to watch - those are skilled athletes!!) I have watched the bobsleigh - 2 and 4 man - I have watched a bit of the ice skaters (not really my cup of tea) but I saw our ice dancers win gold. I cried when our lady's ice skater lost her mother a couple of days before she skated and I teared up when she won bronze. I laughed when Jon Montgomery chugged that pitcher of beer walking thru Whistler. I could care less about Lindsay Vohn, the US skier who is nothing but a spoiled baby. I looked on as Charles, the speed skater kissed his girlfriend - and patted her bum a few times - after he won gold.
All in all it has been a fabulous Olympics and I will be sorry to see them go. But one last nail biter - the men's hockey game tomorrow against the US. The ladies already have theirs and I might add I was none too proud of them watching the ladies win with their sullen looks, afraid to show any emotion? See how it is done, boys? GO CANADA!!!

See Ya Bye
ps - might I add my two cents to the big bruhaha about the women's hockey team's celebration on the ice with their beer and wine and cigars - that is the way we Canadians celebrate so leave them alone. They were just jealous.

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