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Thursday, January 8, 2009


First I (or rather Rejean) got some pictures of the birds - and as an added bonus the male pine grosbeaks in the red were joined by some male evening grosbeaks in the yellow. What a display of colors and both breeds were large - 20-25 cm - whatever that is in inches. They were just congregating by the seeds I had spread on the ground - I was watching them thru the window and they stayed only for a few moments but I think they will be back. This is the 4th day in a row that the pine grosbeaks have been around. My flocks are getting bigger...
Then today was the day that we picked up the new sled. We headed over to John and Linda's. Rejean and John would travel on John's machine over the lake to get to Kenny's place where the sled was - Rejean had a can of gas and was all geared up. I stayed in a nice warm house with Linda and had a good visit -her house is always spotless and she keeps a good fire (a excellent trait to find in a woman up here). We went out to the garage when we heard them pull up - and who should also be there? MY FOX!! Whom I haven't seen since before Christmas I might add. He has been getting well fed over there. He looks really good and healthy - nice fluffy fur. I scolded him and told him to come and visit me - he just looked at me the way he always does (probably thinking what is she saying - where's my food?) I have three big cans of dog food for him and all those dog biscuits I bought.
Rejean drove the sled home via the highway and I drove behind him with my flashers on - just in case those big logging trucks whipped by. I hadn't had a chance to call the insurance company yet so we were very careful. When we got home I got a chance to ride up and down the driveway a few times - I can't stress enough how happy I am that we have a sled that reverses and has an electric start!!! There is a God. then we put it in the garage to let it thaw out. I'm going to polish it up and get to know the inner workings of it. It even has a thumb and hand warmer!!! But no warmers for the passenger's hands. Maybe on the next one.
We also worked on more pine - Rejean cut some molding for the doors and windows - those sills are going to be impressive. My job was to varathane them. I got the final coat on the ceiling trim so those goo up tomorrow. then we will also cut some more boards for me to do next week - in all my spare time.
Stacey will notice that I haven't posted my pictures the way she showed me but it won't work most of the time - but I do try everytime.
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