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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Guess what it did today up here? Yup - it snowed. It started at about 9:30 am and didn't stop all day - as a matter of fact it is still snowing at 7:45 pm. I never got to the dump today - it was snowing pretty good and I just didn't want to go out in that - the roads would have been OK but I didn't really want to so I didn't. The only time I went out today was to put out more seeds for the birds. I just cleaned the house today. Took my time and put the tunes on and I was busy. I was busy running up and down the stairs to keep both fires going (which I will do all evening) but I got it done. I took my shower apart and cleaned up all the stuff you can't get during a regular cleaning. It's shiny now. I organized the pantry and just cleaned.
Tonite I am just sitting watching some shows I taped - read a couple of magazines and drink wine. I found a new show on channel 607 called "I Want That" and boy do I ever - they have some very interesting stuff like some EZ Stick backspashes for the kitchen - some in stainless steel - glass counter tops - fake tin ceiling tiles - just neat stuff. I have to win some money to implement them - there are keyboards that light up at night - panels for doors or cupboard doors that are acrylic - power strips that look like octopuses (octapie) so all the plugs will fit on them without being crowded - sinks that look like red hearts for kids (you can get them shaped like footballs too) Check it out...
We got Jenn and Steve into Dexter and I hear they really like it - we do too - a serial killer you can like and root for. Check that one out too.
As you have noticed no pictures - that is because my camera is on a fishing trip but will be coming home tomorrow and Chris sent me the ScotiaRewards catalog that has the camera I want so it will be ordered shortly - then you will see some good pictures - no blurry ones.
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