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Monday, January 5, 2009


Finally we could get some work done because there is no snow to blow. We got the rest of the pine up behind the Novabrick. I even got to cut some boards to length on the mitre saw. Who says I can't use power tools? I cut while Rejean tacked them in place. We used up the pile of pine that I had finished a few months ago. Then we moved the stove in place, made sure it was level and stood back and admired our handy work with a cold beer. The fire started easily and we have had it going all evening - the temp downstairs is a balmy 64 and the furnace has not kicked on since. We figure it will keep the area warm enough that we won't need the furnace. It is smaller than our other two stoves so you can't feed it more than 1 or 2 logs and it burns very nicely. We still have to put the mantel up - oak finished in the ebony stain that all the cabinetry is going to be down there and the frames around the window - we are putting in sills - we saw it over at Roger's and it looked really great so we are going to copy. Tomorrow we will be finishing the front wall with the pine I just finished today and with that done, we can put up the light sconces and the speakers. Slowly but surely we are getting it done. There is still a pile o'pine for me to do next week in my spare time. I think it turned out just fine - it is what I wanted.
Maybe we will have some spare time on Wednesday to go over to pick up the new sled (as my nephews and niece call them) It is over on Axe Lake so we will get to it by the lake and drive it back over the lake because the roads are buried in about three feet of snow. Can't wait to get on it - our lake is perfect for zipping around on - nice and long for flat out speed and wide enough that the corners are very wide. It is safe to be on.
Well that's it - I'll get some more pics of the front wall tomorrow.
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