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Friday, January 23, 2009


My camera arrived today - that was very fast service I must say. I have been playing with it all afternoon - I know the basics - I have to play a CD to fine out the other stuff like the self-timer stuff. I have enough to keep me busy - the photos I post with this are taken on the new camera. My memory card from the old camera fits this one so I don't have to buy a new one. The camera does not come with a memory card so if you don't know too much you would not be able to play with it. Mine comes with some memory built in so you really don't need one if you are only going to be taking a couple of pics. But now I have a memory card. I'll try the stabilization feature tomorrow - maybe of me trying to eat soup!! It may not be blurry.
Thank you, Susan, for the "fish". Sorry I opened it a little early but you know me with presents - I can't wait. I think it goes very well in the spare bedroom - it matches the rusty color of the pine. It fits.
Today just worked on more pine - just pining away as they say. Rejean is working on the mantel - I told him he has to stain it and varathan it - way too intricate for me. But it should be nice. They always are.
It's supposed to get cold tonite -25C so it will be a frosty one. And dump day tomorrow - can't wait...
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