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Friday, January 9, 2009


Not the whole day but a good portion of it. We did some work in the garage - cut some pine to length for me next week, finished varathaning the trim, polished up the new sled, went to the Post for some gas played on the lake and put up the ceiling trim - whew - sounds like a full day to me. But we decided to take some time and run the sled on the lake to see what she could do. I got it up to about 54 MILES per hour (it is a US sled so the speedometer is in miles per hour.) Rejean was around the same and even with the two of us on it still goes about 50. Even in the fresh undisturbed snow on the lake it handled fine. At first I was a bit afraid to have it go fast but after a while I was doing fast turns - leaning almost off the sled (I used Armour All on the seats which made them slippery!!) What a blast - I think I am ready for a ramp!!! We put 9 miles on it this afternoon. What a beautiful day - not a cloud in the sky until about 4pm - but C O L D ! ! When I went to the Post it was -25C - a little chilly I must say and it is going to go down to that tonite as well. We have both wood stoves going (the furnace has not gone off in days!!).
We took some pictures on the lake today - they turned out good. I even managed not to blurr them - still waiting for my ScotiaRewards catalog to order my new camera - with the image stabilization feature. For us handicapped people you know.
Didn't get into town today because the license office is not open on Fridays - come on -it is a small town and I can imagine that business is not booming. I'll go on Monday to change the ownership over - at least it's insured. It is the same premium as our old 1984 and 1985 models - $115/year - this is a 1996 Polaris IndyTrail 488cc - there is not a mark on it - the best way to get to know a machine (ie car, sled, bike etc) is to wash it or polish it - you cover every square inch of it and find little things - I only found a loose bolt that Rejean fixed. Kenney kept it in great shape - thank you Kenney!!
Dump day tomorrow - Yipee - I'll do my little visit with dumpman Dave. Erla doesn't work in the winter apparently. Dave has a stable down in Wharncliffe - he has a horse that stands at stud (for breeding) and he put a picture in the stores in town of him with the horse - we teased him and asked if he was standing at stud as well. He appreciated the humor.
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