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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hope everyone got thru last nite in one piece and that it doesn't hurt too much. We had a great time over at Axe Lake - Ron and Mary couldn't make it as Ron was sick - they just had a quiet evening at home. We got on our layers - my turtleneck, new jacket, my winter running tights under my jeans, my wool sox, down coat, snowmobile gloves and my fur hat and Baffin boots that keep your feet warm up to minus some great number. I also took some hand warmers you stuff in your gloves to keep my hands warm. Rejean was dressed pretty much the same and he decided to wear his fur hat as well. We knew we would be outside almost all night. Got there about 6pm and managed to grab a drink before the food was served - I should say FEAST was served. There were two huge pans of ribs done on the open fire, chicken legs, sausages, haddock fish, perogis, salads, buns, dips, meat and cheese trays - you name it and it was there. As soon as we had eaten we headed out to the fire. And it was a big bon fire - you couldn't stand too close and you would burn your legs. But if you stayed close you were very comfortable - we were out there for at least 5 hours in -21C - it was cold - the beer in the coolers were freezing. I put my beer down on the picnic table to take some pictures and it froze before I could get back to it. But if you were dressed for it as we all were, you were fine.
At about 11:45pm the girls grabbed Mike and took him in the house - it was his first trip to the Lake and he was enjoying himself. At about one minute to midnight out came the New Year's Baby. they had stripped him down, put an adult diaper on him, a bra and draped him with some flowers - he had boots on and little else. But he was well fortified with alcohol so he could stand the cold. He did manage to stay out for about 1/2 hour - about 10 minutes in his bare feet!!! We had fireworks, and sparklers - I had bought some of those glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets so everyone had at least one of them on. I told them it was to find them if they fell in the snow but they had to fall with their arm up so we could see the bracelet. We got home at about 1:30 and the temperature was -21C - we had to get a fire going when we got home - it was 62 degrees in the house.
Today we are going over to visit Cal and Sal on Jobam but other than that we are taking it easy - we have some left over ribs from last night so I don't have to think about dinner.
Hope you had a good one - the best is yet to come...
See Ya By

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