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Saturday, January 3, 2009


Dump day - so off I went with my 2 bags (we missed last week - we were in Amherstburg) and also stopped at the Post for some beer - one for us - Bud Light as Rejean likes the toques - and a case of Blue for Ron for blowing out out entrance last week. Got back home and prepared to work on the Nova Brick - Rejean went outside and noticed some rather large tracks around the house - a lot bigger than our fox's prints - so I got out my trusty tracking book and went to work in trying to identify the species. As far as I can tell they are wolf tracks. Big Wolf Tracks!!! It is not the first time we have had wolves around the house - I blogged a picture of a visitor we had a few years ago by the burn barrel. We know they are out there but they are very elusive. The people in Wharncliffe hear them howling all the time but we don't up here - I have no idea why they don't congregate around here. There were also tracks and a pathway made by the wolf at the side of the house by the garden - it went down into some bushes and came back out - he must have been after something. Or maybe he caught some shuteye in the area around the base of the trees - it is out of the cold in a little hollow. Who knows. I think it is exciting that they have been around - we have lots of birds and the occasional squirrel - I have seen snowshoe hare tracks around as well. I hope he doesn't go after my fox (I haven't seen him around for a while but that's because Axe Lake had lots of visitors over the holidays and he is well fed). I'll keep my eyes open for him from now on - I hope I have my camera ready - but they don't stick around for long and chances of seeing him out and about are pretty slim.
Cocktails this afternoon at Ron's. I saw him at the Post when I was getting my beer and he was getting his - also saw tons of people ice fishing on Cummings Lake - the season opened on January 1st and here it is the 3rd and they are out in droves - it is a nice sunny day but cold -15!! Bundle Up!!
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