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Friday, January 16, 2009


Talk about cold - my car was parked in the garage and when I took it out and got on the road the temperature gauge went from +2 to -34 in about 2 minutes - you could just see it falling - one temp at a time. I don't know what that is in farenheight but I know it is cold. The snow is loud when you walk on it. Your nose sticks together in the time it takes to walk from the house to the garage. When I drove over the bridge over the Mississaugi River by the dam it was all covered in fog - and the smoke from all the houses just hung in the air. All the trees are covered in white - pretty but cold. I haven't seen any creatures - even the squirrel has been absent since we got the cold spell - all the birds are all puffed up. I try to put extra seed out for them.
Was in the Sault doing some "shopping" for Rejean. I had to pick up a new air compressor, get an electric motor fixed and pick up some oil for the new sled. Mission accomplished - I had a good time - it is nice to get away and just do something you for yourself. I deserved it!!
When I got home I cleaned up all three wood stoves - removed the ashes, cleaned the glass (you don't need any special chemicals to do this - you just wet a paper towel, dip it in some of the ashes and use that to scrub the glass - then just wipe clean with some more paper towels and - voila - clean glass. Tonite I am busy running down and up the stairs keeping both fires going. It is a balmy -25C out there. But I am nice and warm - I have a glass of wine going and the whole nite to myself...I will enjoy.
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