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Thursday, January 29, 2009


We installed the mantel this evening =-Rejean got the fourth coat of varathane on it this afternoon, we waited for it to dry and we installed it after dinner. I think it looks great - it is better than what I pictured it to be - that is the stain we are using for all the cabinetry and furniture down there. I am told I can't put anything on it but just you wait. I don't have anything right at the moment but it is just begging for something.
I was watching City Line today (after all my work was done) and they were showing a lot of black and white bathrooms - that is the colors (if black and white are considered colors) I choose a long time ago. It is nice to see some of my ideas in the flesh - the white toilet with a black seat looks really striking and the white tiles in the shower with a darker grout looks good too. But there is still a lot of work to do before we get to that point in time. But we will be in there working next week. Rejean just has to make a door for the little closet in the workout room - it is for the cots, BYOB, and the snowshoes and poles. They all fit perfectly. It is nice to have storage.
I was out this afternoon up the highway - it was a nice day so I thought I would take the camera and see what I could see. Not much. the snow is piled so high on either side of the highway you can't see down into the river. Also there is no ice piled up on the shores so it is all pretty flat. I did experiment with the panorama feature of my new camera - the first attempt was just awful but the next one turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. There was also no place to pull over to take some pics - those big logging trucks and all the turns in the highway don't allow too many stops on the road. I took some pics out of my window while I was moving - I know - not too safe like some people who drive with their knees while eating and talking on their cell phones!!
Tomorrow is the day I do the "A Day In The Life" for Stacey - she issued a challenge for her blog readers to take pictures every hour over a 12 hour period of any given day and post them with narratives. There would be a prize for the first one posted and the most interesting. I didn't win the "first" and I won't win for the most interesting but I will have fun doing it - tomorrow is the fish fry at the Legion in Thessalon so you will be able to meet Al the bartender at the Legion - his wife Donna who is the mayor of Thessalon who takes the money at the door - the great cooks in the back who always serve up a delicious meal - it is whitefish - all you can eat, a baked potato, sweet pickles, a bun, sour cream for the potato, coleslaw and for desert, one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream with either strawberry or butterscotch syrup - YUM YUM. We always go a little early so we can have a beer downstairs and play a couple of games of bank board shuffleboard. No better fun.
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