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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This blogger stuff is all new to me - even tho I have been blogging for a few months there is still quite a bit of stuff I don't know. I am also on Facebook so learning that as well can be quite daunting. I have my sources - Stacey - has helped me with a few things - one of which has been how to post a picture without leaving my postings (?) I know what I am talking about. I have tried every time and it has worked a few times. But I won't give up - so for now you have to view my pictures in a "new" blog post. Do you care? As long as there a re pictures who cares where they are positioned - Stacey and Andrew do - so for your sake's I will keep trying. So tonite I decided to click on "edit picture" because I didn't have one - so it takes me to a site that I can download a picture from Picassa3 - just like posting a picture - I can do this. With dial up it took about 20 minutes to load - yes, 20 minutes - I have my Ipod in my ears and a glass of wine on the table - I used that time to just veg out. Let my imagination take me someplace else. I kept minimizing it and going to check my e-mail, Stacey's blog (not updated since the 9th). And lo and behold, it took so now I have a picture - I really liked the one I picked - speeding across the Lake on the new machine with the blue sky and sun in the background - it just says ME today - now that I know how to change it I will. As I said I am now on Facebook and I really didn't want to get into it too much but you can't help but do. I have about 17 friends (relatives are also considered friends) and I can keep in touch with them all - I even know how to "chat" with my friends - I think that is just great - I chatted with Dave in Calgary - Jodie's boyfriend - and Andrew when he was in Las Vegas - he was sitting in a hotel room with his friend Chris - he was on Facebook and I engaged him in a conversation - I think I surprised the hell out of him when he realized it was me - he welcomed me to the 21st Century - I'm not that techy but I get by.
Today it as reallly cold out. Thank goodness I did most of my work inside today - got some more pine done - and more work on it tomorrow. We did take the snow machine out for a spin again on the Lake - What fun it is. I am really bundled up in my snowsuite - you can't go to the bathroom without a lot of planning. Not like when you have waders on - but that is another story.
I Was So Much Older Than, I'm Younger Than That Now - good tune
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