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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Worked in the addition today - we finished the pine on the walls and finished all but one window - Rejean ran out of trim so that is what we will do tomorrow - cut my next batch of pine and he'll work on the remaining trim and start the mantel for the woodstove - he wants to do dentals on it (that is a type of trim that looks like teeth - it's hard to describe but it is like ridge, valley, ridge, valley etc.- get the picture?) pine with a ebony stain - should be nice.
John and Linda dropped by for a visit - they are the only ones on the Lake so they decided to visit. It was fun.
Well short and sweet today - the couch is a'callin.
See Ya By

ps - the icle is on Stacey & Andrew's roof - it is taller than me (not saying too much - I'm 5'2")

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