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Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had a great time out today on our first snowmobile run. It was a bit cool - -30 when we woke up - it must have warmed up by 1pm - maybe -20?? We met them at the entrance to FootPrint Lake road. No one had been down the trail before so we let Ron lead the way. About 200 feet in, Linda's machine got stuck. Her and Danielle have big machines - heavy machines not meant to be ridden on unblazed trails. Ron was way on ahead and never knew what was happening back with us. Danielle got on Mary's machine and went looking for Ron. That left Rejean, myself, Mary and Linda to get her machine unstuck. The snow was very deep once you got off the trail - I mean up to your crotch. I went down a few times. We did manage to get Linda's machine unstuck but it took about 1/2 hour. Every time she tried to get it going it would just dig down into the snow. It was so heavy it was hard to move. We were trying to turn it around because we knew we couldn't continue down the trail. In the meantime Ron returned with Danielle - he had been stuck further down the trail. We got the other machines turned around and off we went down the highway to Ron's for a cold beer and a rest before we headed out on his lake. We headed out over the lake and up a trail that had been travelled before - what a difference. We stopped at a little shack and I took a couple of pictures - I had to take my gloves off to do that and by the time I got them back on they were frozen. I had some hand warmers so I cracked those - they helped but I need mittens - not gloves - I'll see what they have at the Post next time I am there. We went a little further along the trail and stopped for a drink. I had some Licor 43 (yum yum) and the guys had beer - Linda and Mary had some brandy. After the beer at Ron's I had to pee - no outhouses in the middle of nowhere. I went a little further down the trail and proceeded to strip down. In the summer when you have all your fishing stuff on like your chest waders, fishing vest, net, walking sticks, worm case and kreel it is a chore to take it all off to pee - now, just imagine all my winter clothes on - my snowmobile jacket, my snowmobile pants, jeans, running tights etc. And how cold it was - I think I peed in record time!! The snow was so deep it touched my bare bum. Tell me that didn't feel cold!!! I quickly dressed and joined the rest of the gang. We loaded up and went back the way we came. I didn't see it but Linda and Danielle saw a dead deer on the ice. It must have been attacked by wolves because of the injuries they saw. It must have run out on the ice and died just within the time it took us to return because it was not there when we first passed the spot. Food for the creatures.
We had dinner at Mary's and Ron gave us a ride home. We didn't want to be riding home on the road after dark. We'll go back and get it tomorrow. Ron is also going to show us a trail to use from our house to his lake without going on the road. Another adventure...
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