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Tuesday, January 6, 2009


For those of you who don't speak Latin that translates to Pine Grosbeak -hopefully I can get my picture to post - I always spend time watching the birds at the feeders - and I can't forget my little squirrel who doesn't know he should like peanuts - it is a form of entertainment up here and they do put on a show. I usually have the Blue Jays - BIG Jays - the little chickadees and the nuthatches - both the white breasted and the red breasted ones and the sparrows. But today I saw a big red bird out there that I have never seen before - so I quickly got out my trusty Birds of Ontario book and looked it up - it helps to helps to have the binoculars handy as well. I have to take my glasses off to look thru them and because of my tremor I have to lean the binocs up against the window to see - I know, not a pretty sight but you do what you have to do. Then you have to check the description of the bird to what you are seeing - some birds are very similar like the hairy and downy woodpeckers (I still am not sure about my woodpecker) - my grosbeak could have been a red cross bill but thru the powers of deduction I settled on the grosbeak. Then there were two!!! I read that they are rare to very uncommon to see so I am lucky.
We decided to continue to work on the pine today - keep going until we ran out of wood. We got the front wall done and half of the inside wall done - and Rejean put up the sconces (ok lights - but sconces sounds better). Looks really good - it really brightens up the room - I put my sample piece of flooring down and it looks perfect. We still have a ton of pine in the garage that we will cut to length and put the V cut in them - then I can get to work finishing them off to finish up the workout room and enough for the bathroom. But you are starting to see what it will look like finished and I can't wait.
This morning I started TWO fires!!! I got up and started the fire up here first, made sure it was going ok then went downstairs to light the new one - it was tricky and I had smoke coming out of the pipes and everything - every stove is different and you have to get to know what to do - it may take me a few more times to get it right but I eventually got her going. I didn't hear the furnace go off last night or this morning so that is a good thing.
Tomorrow I hit Blind River - I have to go to the bank and do some shopping then we go get the sled - but it is supposed to snow big time tomorrow so we will have to play it by ear - as we usually do.
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