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Monday, January 19, 2009


I will be watching the inauguration tomorrow - history in the making - I watched the concert yesterday and all I could think about was where are all those people going to the bathroom? There is supposed to be 2 million people tomorrow and only 5000 port-a-pottys - you do the math...Depends anyone? I have stood in a port-a-potty line up and it is not fun . But I wish President Obama well - he has a big job ahead of him.
I knew what was coming today - Rejean would have to blow the snow - my job was to push some snow off the roof - it had not come down as it is supposed to do - probably because of the cold weather we have been having. It had really accumulated so I was chosen to do the pushing. I could have done it while he was away but if I ever fell...well, we just won't go there. The snow was very light and fluffy so it was not a hard chore. I left a "safety" bump so that my feet would not slip down the roof. The snow in the bump was icier (is that spelled right?) so it was not going anywhere. Thank goodness for it because a few times I could have gone over the edge. You really get a good view from that vantage point. Then I had to go downstairs and shovel the snow I had just knocked off the roof away from the house for Rejean to push it to the side. What a team! But I did get to take the sled out for a run on the Lake again. I had to move it so Rejean could get to that part of the area to blow the snow. It had to be jumped because the battery was a little dead. I went and put on my balaclava and hat and off I went. I rode around 3 times - flat out. I like the speed. By the time I came in I was covered in a light dusting of snow. It was really flying around out there. After all that excitement, I burned my burnables in the burn barrel - I am a pyromaniac at heart (among other things) so I had fun.
Tomorrow we put the window trim up and some more pine. I will get a picture up tomorrow of the results - can't wait to see the sills!!
I give blood tomorrow in town - they didn't take my blood the last time - I had a tiny little red mark in the crook of my right arm so they couldn't take blood from that arm because the iodine and rubbing alcohol may irritate the arm. So they tried to find a vein in my left arm - good luck - they say I have tiny veins and they couldn't find one. And they can't use my right arm so I was out of luck. My arms look ok to me right now so wish me luck tomorrow. The whole trick to giving blood is to drink a lot of fluids before you go. It does make a difference - when I don't have enough water it takes about 15 minutes to donate but when I have hydrated, it only takes about 8-10 minutes. Plus you get free cookies at the end - you know how I love free food...
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